John Forsythe's Photoshop Text Effects

Hi there! I now have more than 5000 Photoshop text effects you can download. Click here to download them all!

This new collection contains hundreds of metal text effects, including gold, silver, chrome, and more.

photoshop metal text

With this collection, you can instantly apply amazing neon text effects, awesome comic book text effects, or scary halloween effects to anything you can type.

photoshop comic text

Get the perfect look for your next project with realistic camouflauge and sports text effects.

photoshop sports letters

Or beautify your work with stunning glass, wood, and leather text effects!

photoshop stone text

All of these effects and thousands more are available here! They apply instantly to any text in your document, and work in all versions of Photoshop CS, Photoshop CC, and Photoshop Elements 11 or newer.

Download all 5000 effects now!

(Or keep reading to find out about my older Photoshop effects...)

Photoshop Layer Styles Blog

Need inspiration? Check out our layer styles blog for examples of all the cool things you can do with our products! Photoshop never looked so good.

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